Do I believe? by Pat Everett

    The following was written in 2009.  What I experienced then holds true six years later and will for the rest of my life.   May it encourage you in whatever situation you may find yourself… Layoffs and other tragedies.  … Continued

When is Grace just Grace? by Dr. Scott Hadden

Through the years I’ve noticed various grace teachings with accompanying terms: cheap grace, greasy grace, hyper-grace, future grace, dys-grace. Each term adding to the confusion regarding God’s Grace. Confusion? Yes, confusion. For example; let’s substitute the term “Law”: cheap law, … Continued

Valentine Letter, written by Pat Everett

My Beloved Child,                Come with Me.  Rest, breathe, take a moment and let Me speak over you.  Allow Me to share My valentine for you.                                                                                                                                           I carried … Continued