Did You Know…? by Vicki Frydrych

Did you know that when you fight a temptation you strengthen it?

Did you know that the only ‘good’ is what He works through you?

My/our performance, work ethic, desire to please others by my/our work is doomed to fail in that we will never be fully satisfied.

Only as we trust Him who orders our steps, who is able to stop time (so we can catch up if needed), as our intent is to complete tasks as He guides and leads (some good by our standard, some not-so-good) can we truly walk hidden in Him, without fear and free from the grip of temptation (to do right, to succeed, to be a star…and fail – if not now, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, next week).

We think it was only in the Bible that God led people to do what looked bad in their sight (Abram, sacrifice your son; Peter, eat what is forbidden). What if that is an eternal truth? What if our/my fighting with the temptation to achieve, perform, excel is just a manifestation of rebellion against trusting Him?

Some trust Him for their spouse, for their income, for their job, for their protection. Fewer trust Him to determine the size of their family and fewer still trust Him with their output – in marriage, life and workplace.

Yet, it IS only in childlike faith – faith in Him, not my/our ability that we can ever have rest and peace. The world (and us) would work us to death (to the elusive, perfection), but in Him there is life and peace and joy abounding.

Today, I go to work choosing to trust Him with my load, choosing to allow Him to be my time manager, choosing to allow Him to determine when and if a project is well-done. The only “well done my faithful….” that has any lasting effect on our lives is from Him and His assessment of ‘good’ may be different than ours. Are we willing to let Him define ‘good’ for this moment, this project, this day, this life? Trust Him – join me?

Psalm 46:5 God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved. God shall help her and that right early.

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