Counseling Training
  Be Transformed
  Be Transformed 2
  Intimacy with God
  Law and Grace
  Christ Life Dynamics
 Eligible to begin staff application        process
 Begin 30 hour Intake Observations
 Co-facilitate    Be Transformed Group
Facilitate Be Transformed Group
 Begin 30 hours Counseling Observation
  Old Testament
  New Testament
  Christians and Suffering
  Enter His Rest
  Graceful Marriages
Teach Be Transformed 1 Sessions
 Begin Practicum Training –  Books/DVD’s
 Listen to CD’s, IPod sessions, etc.  – see Practicum manual for complete   list.
  Character and Skills – 2 semesters
Begin 30 hours Co-counseling
Begin 30 hours of Observed counseling
 The Grace Life

Sample Training Schedule

Training Committee: composed of current teachers

Teachers will be involved in the vetting process of future staff.

Teachers will complete a 1 page summary for each student.



Trimester 1         Intimacy with God             Law and Grace

Trimester 2         Christ Life Dynamics         Enter His Rest

Trimester 3         Be Transformed 2             New Testament

Trimester 4         Graceful Marriages           Christians and Suffering

Trimester 5         Old Testament                  Character and Skills 1

Trimester 6         Character and Skills 2      The Grace Life